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Your holiday should be all about YOU! It is your time away from the normal hum of the everyday. Áthas Tours keep that in mind. This is your moment in the Galway sun. Granted we get a bit of rain even in Summer, but we can work around that. You have built up to this moment for months. The dreams about visiting the land of your forefathers. The dreams of green grass and  decent Guinness. You have seen Youtube footage of Galway’s music and art scene and want in. There may have been thoughts of learning a few words (cúpla focail) of the native Irish language. Then perhaps engage a local in his own language as he frowns. This may be because you now have better Irish than he! Our aim is to make your experience a Van Morrison one. One where your mother told you there would be days like this! We will lead you to that holiday experience you deserve. That is our stated aim.

Building something good takes time. Don’t hesitate to contact us now. Click here to send me an email to begin building your future experience of Ireland’s western capital. This is a city of the old and the new. It is a city of diversity and sameness. We have a town full of art and artists, dreamers and those who get out there and make a difference. There is world-famous theater and street performers. Musicians of the highest caliber are found on the streets and in Galway’s many venues. There are numerous street traders as well as more up-market shopping experiences to be had. The city’s night life and social scene are among the best in Europe. There are festivals throughout the year. Galway caters for writers as well as horse racing fans. Boat lovers mingle with those who love music festivals. Sporting events run alongside affairs which require less effort. There is just something for everyone during the City of the Tribes’ calendar of events. So our key aim is to help wrap your much-deserved break around these events and anything you want to experience during a guided tour.

Remember, all you have to do is Click To Send Us an Email ! Your imagination and our expertise can and will be combined to make your stay in Ireland memorable. Áthas is the Gaelic for Joy. That seems like a good starting and finishing point for any holiday. A trip should be nothing but joyous. Tantrums and tears can be kept for back in the office. The boss should be forgotten about unless you are the boss. Then take a break from your own every-day. Allow us to guide you through your imagination. Seek that fun you deserve. Galway city is the playpen and you are the child ready to be entertained. History, culture, the arts or a social vibe: all can and will be catered for. You just add your own flavor to proceedings. Participation by YOU the visitor will make it all the more worthwhile and fun.



Your Imagined Tour!


Remember, our mutual experience will be all about YOU! The above picture is of Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral here in the city. Let’s make your memory of Galway as vivid as in the picture: full of color, full of life! Or maybe just a memory of YOUR tour guide convincing you to try to paint it. Why not? A little fun and a smile on YOUR face is our aim. We are Áthas – Galway City Walking Tours, after all, and Áthas is the Irish for Joy. Raising a smile on YOUR face is our job. Let’s do this together, as we use the backdrop of vibrant, beautiful, relaxing and friendly Galway to build and experience a tour right from YOUR imagination!

So, you can contact us at Athas Tours immediately to tailor your guided walk if you so wish. There is our standard tour, of course. Lynch’s Castle, the old city walls, and the Claddagh are included. Listen to the many stories, myths and tales of the various people who shaped the city into what it is today will be told. You will leave the tour knowing a lot more about the place and its people. This is a fact. However, if you want to shape your time in the city then we have no problem with that. It takes two to tango. There are a million ideas out there waiting to be born into real fun and mutual memories. Just feel free to let us know YOUR preferences. We will endeavor to shape the day into a brilliant memory full of fun and mutual experiences.


  1. In the 19th century, complaints were received that locals were dousing rats in paraffin, setting them alight, and racing them through the streets for fun! However, we now run horses at the famous Galway Races for fun instead. Take a walking tour to know a little more! Now, I am not so sure about dousing rodents in a highly flammable liquid could be considered fun or legal now. This is one request we could not entertain. It is still a good story, though!
  2. Stories abound about the ghosts of those who walked before us in the medieval streets. I sometimes feel those folk of yesteryear commenting on my take on their lives. This is a very good idea for any tour. How about a walking experience into 19th century Ireland? An Ireland where hardship and rebellion went hand-in-hand with one another. A place that still spawned success among such hardship. We could have a good time together investigating such a time.
  3. Galway had 14 Tribes – families who came to dominate the economic and political landscape. One of them even hung his own son out of duty and believe in justice. Others went on to travel the globe and find success elsewhere. They came from France originally and even went back there eventually. There are some good stories there. If your name is Lynch or Martin, then you may not want to leave.
  4. Galway has been made European Capital of Culture for 2020. There is that very culture to be found in every corner of the city. If you are a budding artist, musician, poet or something totally different, then this place is for you! Contact us with an idea, and let us see the direction it could take.
  5. Food tourism is on the rise in the city. Michellin stars have been handed out. We can give you a culinary tour of the city. Things have come along way since we just all ate potatoes. Our ancestors sometimes ate up to 40 potatoes or “spuds” per day. Now we add meat and vegetables. Irish food has come along a wee bit.


    Let’s Smile together through Shared Experience!

  6. Ed Sheeran once busked in Galway. He said it was the best day’s money he ever earned anywhere. He sang outside a shop called the Treasure Chest. A musical journey through the city would be a brilliant idea. The new and the old come together on the streets and in venues. We could indeed brew up a musical storm together.
  7. The Galway Races is one of the big festivals during the year. There is excitement and lots more during this huge event. If you happen to be here during it, then we could easily try to do an equine tour for you. Never say neigh to such an opportunity.
  8. Street art is a big part of the town. It mixes with hidden gems found within the buildings of the city. Painters pass through the city and use it a backdrop to their take on the world. Maybe that is the hidden you? We all have a secret personality waiting to burst through. Your secret is safe with us. However, if you make it big later on, we want our cut. That is only fair. We made you. We have a family to feed, and you could end up very wealthy because of our day together.
  9. John Wayne stayed in Hotel Meyrick during the filming of 1950s classic, The Quiet Man. The American link with the city is a big one. John F. Kennedy noted this in his 1963 speech to thousands of ordinary Galwegians. There are huge links with our old masters as well. If you are into this, then so are we. This could lead to some very interesting tours around the medieval streets. No stone would be left unturned in trying to find out more. The stones can be quite heavy and cumbersome but we are here for that. You are on holidays, remember, so no heavy lifting for you!
  10. We are quite taken with the mix-and-match random element. Our basic tour is based on this. There is a bit of everything thrown in. The key is fun and enjoyment. You can help shape your experience as well. Force us in one direction. We hope what we have written here has inspired you. If it has not, then you are one tough customer. We like challenges, so contact us anyways!
Your Galway Tour!
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