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You need to look no further folks. Because Áthas Tours now offer you our welcome visitor fun and exciting walking tours around Galway City. This is exactly what you have been searching for! And “Céad Míle Fáilte,” to you, which means “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!” in our native Irish. Our aim is to help make your stay in  2016 Travel + Leisure Magazine’s “Friendliest City in the World” as enjoyable as possible! Áthas (pronounced ‘Awe Hass’) is the Irish word for enjoyment. We will put a smile on your face with some local history, storytelling, culture, and Shenanigans. The aim of our city walking tours are to introduce you to Galway in a friendly, relaxed and casual manner, with a touch of the notorious Irish Craic added for good measure! And our mutual Galway experience will take in Galway city’s unique charm, unique atmosphere, and unique people. In fact, there is so much unique stuff here, we bottle it.  Therefore, Good Times!

  • Each 1.5-hour Áthas walking extravaganza is €10 per person with a cap of €80 on larger groups. Special Family rate too, with younger children free! LONGER TOURS ON REQUEST, CONTACT US!!!
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Here is some detail on our current guided “By Foot” experience.

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Having the Craic!



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Browse the above Menu at your leisure: we describe ÁthasTours and Your Tour in greater detail in the sections in the main menu above. Because compact and accessible medieval Galway, Claddagh, Salthill and other areas of the city are designed for walking and feet.  Have a look at our GALLERY  at your leisure, then rapidly decide to BOOK NOW when you get that feeling deep down that we are the ones for you! We know the extra content will give you a good overview on Galway and what kind of brilliant experiences await. You will experience all the key places in the city’s ancient heart, as well as world-famous areas like the Claddagh village and some lesser-known hidden gems. We look forward to showing you around our “friendliest little city in the world.” Go on! You know you want to!


Galway Snippets

  • The city has 300 doomed Spanish Armada sailors buried within one of its graveyards. Executed for being in the wrong place at the worst of times. The notorious western Irish weather had a lot to do with their stranding in Connemara. The luck of the Irish was most certainly not with these poor souls. In fact, the Irish may have helped themselves to their gold!
  • The annual Galway Races account for a quarter of all profits during the racing year. Not bad for a town where horse allergies are on the increase. This may not be factual. Booking our best walks in Galway may get to the bottom of this.
  • The ancient Irish were once barred from the town. No Mac or O’ was welcome within the town walls. Now we cannot get rid of them. There are MacDermotts, O’Flahertys and O’Connors everywhere now The ancient walls helped!
  • It is said the walls were built to keep out the ferocious O’Flaherty clan. Dealing with modern O’Flahertys shows there is some merit to this accusation. Maybe you would be full of ferocity too if somebody suddenly built a wall to keep you out.

Even More Secrets:

  • Galway was once a heavy importer of wine. Luckily, beer is available now too. The odd bottle of champagne is also seen during the Races. They say alcohol is a very Irish thing but many nationalities are now known to partake.
  • 14 powerful merchant families once ruled Galway during its Golden Age. I still cannot name all of them by heart and it is getting to me…
  • Galway is home to the Irish leprechaun among other fairies. Most of them are wild and smelly and bear little resemblance to Tinkerbell. Some fairies keep you awake all night but so too do noisy neighbours and car alarms.
  • The average Galwegian still eats 20 potatoes or ‘spuds’ per day. However, pasta and rice can be found in some shops and restaurants for visitors. Phew!
  • There have been several “eejits” throughout the city’s history. You know the kind: leave the gates open and let in the enemy by mistake. Then head off for a jar as Cromwell and his Parliamentarians plunder the town. To know more take a walking tour.
  • The Tribes was a derogatory term for the ruling merchant families, as they were on the losing side during the English Civil War, even though this is Ireland. Also, they were Anglo-Normans who considered themselves true Royalists and not at all Irish even though this is Ireland. Confused.com or what?

 The above map includes the many sites to be seen on the tour. Eyre Square, Lynch’s Castle and Saint Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, among others, will all be highlighted on each walk.


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We have provided all the information here so it is now up to you. Gaillimh translates as “town of the foreigners.” There is little doubt there has always been an international feel to the city. The native Irish, French, English, Spanish and others have helped shape who we are. The town is an international mix today as it has been in the past. All of this adds to Galway’s unique position in the west of Ireland. It is a very Irish city but also has its differences. Modern travelers and locals keep adding to its uniqueness. Its art, culture and social scene are constantly added to and improved by all those who live here or are passing through. This gives the city its international angle. Tourists from many countries visit for this reason.

So, do not hesitate to book a walking tour with us. We will make your experience as fun and interesting as possible. You can help make your day if requested. Randomness and fun are key elements of a good day. These are key elements of Áthas Tours’ agenda. The friendliest city in the world will be introduced in a friendly manner. No stone will be left unturned in our quest to leave you with some very good memories of the place. The ball is in your court.

Contact us: Click here to send us an email or through the “Book Now” and let the games commence.

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